Monday, 14 May 2007

Trendy Zone

Well yesterdays hour and a half dragon boat rowing under the blazing sun in Stanley bay has destroyed my back, but in a good way... that's what happens if you don't exercise for about 21 years I suppose...Maureen put me to shame; she wasn't even out of breath. I'm sure she must have been cheating somehow!

Today we had to go into the office to meet our boss at the ELC. The office is very modern and pleasant, with great views all across Mongkok, being on the 39th floor. Paul, head of the design team, took Tim and I out to lunch afterwards where we had our first ever dim sum meal. I still need to master the old chopsticks but the food was excellent.

After that we wandered down Nathan road which runs all the way through Mongkok to the harbour. It's full of adverts and neon lights and shopping malls: very exciting and busy! Here we found Trendy Zone, which is a mall, and a trendy zone. It was like a shrine to the god of plastic toys...
We also visited the jade market, but I didn't buy anything because the second you stop to look at anything you get swamped by jade merchants telling you it's a good colour and very nice and good for your wife. So we moved on, meeting some men who were flying their strange song birds around. I think this one might be a mynah bird.

We also finally got round to buying some pans so now we can cook some real food...there's only so many instant noodles you can eat before you get very ill. Tim says we might even die if we keep this diet up. So pans have been bought, and cooking shall be done!


x-M-D-x said...

you seem to be getting to know a little bit around you each day. glad you found your office. when will you start working? x

Anonymous said...

That plastic toy shop looks amazing but i bet you find bigger and better ones in the time you're there.....think im gonna clear and save a 50% portion of the frontroom for all the weird and wonderful good you bring home

Anonymous said...

goods not good. i guess itll be both though

Mrs Otley said...

are you having a good time in hong kong ?Dylan
I thoght chinese men coming and saying it is colourful and good for your wife was crazy.Ben